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Instock P55-Modular Systems Furniture

P55 is a 2.25” thick, metal clad, monolithic, stackable panel and load bearing system, with modularity and modern technology right out of the box.

Panels are available in the fabric over metal (W), fabric & glass (FG) and fabric & etched glass (FGS). All metal parts and components, pedestals, binder bins, open shelves, and trim pieces are powder coat painted for superior scratch resistance. Work surfaces are HPL Formica Laminate and come standard with a solid light gray finish on one side, and a SilverOak woodgrain on the other. Surfaces also come standard with a straight-edged 2.5 mm PVC banding in matching light gray.

All panels are stackable, even if they have already been installed, and stacks can be added to stacks! This allows for unprecedented flexibility in a panel system!

What you should know About Peak Systems P-55 Construction!

All metal frame with an internal acoustical honeycomb core allows for the use of magnets on any vertical surface. The use of magnets negates the fabric wear and tear and board degradation caused by the repeated use of push pins.

Elimination of external batting prevents the fabric from collecting dust and airborne particulates common in everyday use. Less dust means a cleaner working environment and cleaner stations. Our manufacturing is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – We are green. We use recycled metal, powder coated paint process, and even have green certified fabric.

Our panels are connected with blocks then reinforced with 16 gauge steel brackets for a surprisingly solid and rigid frame. The entire system can be assembled with a nut driver and/or screwdriver. One size Phillips head machine screw into metal receivers allows for simple assembly.

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