Hyer Office Furniture
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Hyer's "Peak" Concept
Interchangeable & modular components between all Peak lines, along with the ability to add load bearing stack tiles, makes Hyer’s Peak Systems furniture the most versatile modular office product available.

Hyer offers the
P-55 a fully modular 2" stackable monolithic panel, the P-80 a 3" tile based stackable panel system and the P-Desk free standing desking system. The quality of office furniture to satisfy any need, no matter the requirements. Hyer also offers a full office Seating line covered by the best warranty in the industry.

Hyer listens to the needs of its customers, and is constantly evolving to further its offerings in order to meet them. Hyer is committed to quality and customer service. Customer satisfaction is our first priority.
Hyer is a quick ship, in-stock office furniture manufacturer. Our designs provide what we believe to be the best quality and value office furniture available. We invite you to visit our Projects page and browse the galleries.

By Appointment Telephone: 678.990.6844 - Toll Free: 877.603.1185 - Fax: 678.990.6847
Manufacturer Representatives: ALW & Associates - Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama & Tennessee - 770.361.5934
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